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B101623-2-0112 Page 51
Cooking Grids
Burn Off
This process is much like that used in self-cleaning ovens and is
most efcient when completed after each use of the grill.
Because of the high intensity of the Infrared burner, any drippings
and food particles that fall onto the burner surface are immediately
incinerated. However, some debris and residue may remain. To
remove this residue after cooking, turn the grill on HIGH for 5-10
minutes with the hood OPEN.
Standard Cleaning
The cooking grids may also be removed and cleaned with a brass
or stainless steel bristle brush and soapy solution. Standard oven
cleaners may be used for further cleaning. Rinse the cooking grids
thoroughly with clean water before using.
The Broilmaster requires very little maintenance. However, a
periodic inspection of orice openings and venturi inlets to clear
obstructions to gas ow is recommended.
Burner Head
To maintain the performance of the Infrared burner it is important
to operate the grill on HIGH for at least 5 minutes after each use.
This procedure will leave some ash on the surface of the burner
head. If it accumulates in excessive amounts, it will clog the small
ports in the ceramic surface. To prevent this blockage, remove
the cooking grid and the burner screen, and vacuum the burner
surface with a low-suction vacuum cleaner every six months, or
as necessary. When completing this procedure be careful not to
scrape or strike the ceramic with the suction device, which may
damage the ceramic.