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B101623-2-0112Page 18
Grill Location
When choosing the ideal location for your Broilmaster
Gas Grill, remember this grill is designed for outdoor use ONLY.
You should never install or operate your grill in any building, garage,
or other enclosed area.
For your safety, this grill should not be installed or operated under
any combustible materials, such as carports, covered porches,
awnings, or overhangs.
Never install or operate your grill in or on any recreational vehicle
or boat.
CAUTION: The installation and operation of this grill at clear-
ances less than specied below may lead to the possibility of
re, property damage, or personal injury.
A minimum clearance of sixteen inches (16") is required from the
sides of the grill to any combustible material.
A minimum clearance of eighteen inches (18") is required from the
back of the grill to any combustible material.
Some examples of combustible materials are a wall, a fence, patio
furniture, or the wall of your home.
The area surrounding the grill should be clear to ensure proper
ventilation. Do not obstruct the ow of combustion and ventilation
air in any way. The ventilation openings on the propane cylinder
enclosure must also remain free and clear of debris.
Portable grills should be level and positioned away from direct wind
prior to each use.
WARNING: Do not install or operate this grill where gaso-
line or other ammable materials are used or stored. Failure
to comply with this warning could result in explosion or re
causing property damage or personal injury.
Cylinder Requirements
Your Broilmaster
Premium Gas Grill requires a standard twenty
(20) pound propane gas cylinder.
The maximum height allowable for a replacement cylinder is ap-
proximately twelve (12") inches (30.5 centimeters)
The propane gas cylinder used must be:
1. Constructed and marked in accordance with the specications
for LP gas cylinder of the U.S. Department of Transportation
(D.O.T.) or the National Standard of Canada, CAN/CSA-B339,
Cylinders, Spheres, and Tubes for Transportation of Dangerous
Goods; and Commission as applicable.
2. Provided with a listed overlling protection device (OPD).
3. Provided with a listed safety device having direct access with
the vapor space of the cylinder and the cylinder supply system
must be arranged for vapor removal.
4. Provided with a shutoff valve terminating in a valve outlet as
specied in the Standard for Compressed Gas Cylinder Outlet
and Inlet Connections, ANSICGA-V-1.
5. Provided with a plug to effectively seal off the cylinder outlet
when the cylinder is being stored or transported.
6. Provided with a collar to protect the cylinder valve.
Caution: Do not use a propane gas cylinder which has a
capacity greater than twenty (20) pounds with this grill and
side burner.