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B101623-2-0112 Page 49
Cleaning the Grill
Caution: To prevent injury, do not clean a hot grill.
Note: Do not use a commercial cleaner on the cooking grids.
Do not brush grids while they are hot.
For baked on residue use a BRASS (NOT STEEL) brush on the
cooking grid and other components.
Burn Off
This process is much like that used in self-cleaning ovens and is
most efcient when completed after each use of the grill.
Caution: Do not open the grill during the burn off process.
Opening the grill during the burn off process may cause a
sudden grease re are up that could burn your face and arms.
Wait until the grill has cooled before opening.
1. Turn gas knob to HI. Close lid and allow the grill to burn for ten
minutes, or until no smoke is present. Do not allow the grill to
burn for more than 30 minutes.
2. Turn gas knob and supply to OFF and allow the grill to cool.
3. Wipe COOL grill with a damp cloth to remove soot.
Grill Bottom
Periodically remove cooking grids and Char-Master Briquets or
avor screen to clean the interior of the grill. Scrape off baked on
residue with a putty knife or brass brush and rinse with water. Clean
the bottom air holes with a small knife.
Blue Flame Burner Maintenance
Visually inspect the burner ames with each use. Five minutes after
lighting, the ames should be blue and have well dened cones.
See Figure 40. See the troubleshooting section if the ames are
yellow or lift off the burner.
Stainless steel burners often turn reddish brown after use. This does
not effect the performance of the grill. When cleaning the interior of
the grill, remove the burners and clean with a brass brush. Wash
with water and a mild detergent.
Grease Tray
Empty periodically. Replacement tray liners can be purchased at
most supermarkets where disposable aluminum baking pans are
Burner (Venturi) Tubes
The burner (venturi) tubes allow air and gas to mix prior to burning,
thus ensuring an efcient ame. Spiders or other small insects may
build webs or nests inside the tubes obstructing air ow. Fire, or
ashback, can occur, in and/or around obstructed burner (venturi)
tubes and can cause damage to components beneath the grill or an
unsafe condition. To reduce risk, inspections and cleaning should
be performed at least twice monthly when spiders are active. If the
grill has been unused for an extended period of time inspect the
tubes before using the grill.
Clean burner (venturi) tubes as follows:
1. Remove the cooking grids and briquet rack (R3B only).
2. Remove the burner from the grill.
3. Use a small exible brush to remove any debris from the burner
(venturi) tube.
4. Flush with water.
5. Allow the burner (venturi) tube to dry before reinstalling.
6. Reinstall the burner, briquet rack and briquets and cooking grids.
Clean regularly with a solution of mild detergent and hot water.
Touch-up paint is available from your dealer. Broilmaster protec-
tive covers are recommended. Stainless steel components can
be easily cleaned with a spray-on stainless steel cleaner found in
most hardware stores.
Char-Master Briquets
If the briquets did not come clean during burn off, after cooling turn
them over. The residue will burn off during warm-up for the next use.
Figure 40
Correct Flame Pattern
Incorrect Flame Pattern