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B101623-2-0112Page 20
Pressure Regulator and Hose Assembly
The pressure regulator has an outlet pressure of not more than eleven (11") inches water column. It must be connected to the Propane
gas cylinder’s female valve outlet before the grill can be operated.
Caution: Operation of a Propane gas grill without the pressure regulator and hose assembly will cause gas leaks which could
lead to re or explosion, resulting in property damage or personal injury.
The pressure regulator’s tting must remain clean and free of nicks and scratches. A dirty, nicked or scratched tting can cause a gas
leak, resulting in an explosion or re. Use only genuine Broilmaster
replacement parts unless otherwise specied by the manufacturer.
Connecting to Propane Gas / Cylinder Retention Means
ATTENTION: Propane gas cylinders that are acceptable for use with this grill must comply with Cylinder Requirements, Page 18,
and Connection Requirements, Page 19.
Position the cylinder in the opening in the bottom of the cart and secure with the cylinder retaining bracket. See Figure 2.
Attach the pressure regulator to the Propane gas cylinder’s valve
using the plastic handwheel. Tighten in a clockwise motion to
achieve a gas tight seal. See Figure 3.
Caution: Do not use a wrench or any other tool to tighten. Use
of a wrench or other tool will damage the plastic handwheel.
To disconnect the Propane gas cylinder, turn OFF the cylinder’s
valve and the grill’s control valve. Remove the regulator by turning
the plastic handwheel counterclockwise.
Caution: Assure hose does not touch the casting or mounting
Figure 3
Figure 2