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B101623-2-0112 Page 15
Part Number
1 Grill Body Top - Black B100456 B100456 B100456 B100456
2 Heat Indicator (Stainless) B101118 B101118 B101118 B101118
3 Lid Handle (Stainless) B070486 B070486 B070486 B070486
4 Foam Grip B073097 B073097 B073097 B073097
5 Stainless Steel Retract-A-Rack B072695 B072695 B072695 B072695
6 Stainless Steel Rod Cooking Grid B101282 B101282 B101282 B101282
7 Briquet Rack N/A N/A B101369 B101369
8 Burner N/A N/A B101030 B101030
9 Burner Shield N/A N/A B101154 B101154
10 Collector Box Assembly N/A N/A B101212 B101212
11 Ignitor Spacer N/A N/A B101082 B101082
12 Infrared Burner (1 required) N/A N/A B101269 B101269
12 Infrared Burner (2 required) B101269 B101269 N/A N/A
13 Radiation Shield B101045 B101045 B101045 B101045
14 Grill Body Bottom - Black B101313 B101313 B101313 B101313
15 Infrared Ignitor (1 Required) N/A N/A B101271 B101271
15 Infrared Ignitor (2 Required) B101271 B101271 N/A N/A
16 Control Panel Shield B101046 B101046 B101046 B101046
17 Pin, Shelf B073963 B073963 B073963 B073963
18 Manifold And Valve Assembly B101356 B101316 B101314 B101317
19 Electronic Ignitor B072218 B072218 B072218 B072218
20 Control Panel Assembly B101033 B101033 B101033 B101033
21 Control Panel Label B101272 B101272 B101272 B101272
22 Valve Knob R3918 R3918 R3918 R3918
23 Hose And LP Regulator B069756 N/A B069756 N/A
24* Control Housing - Stainless Steel B101121 B101121 B101121 B101121
25** Cover Plate - Black B101596 B101596 B101596 B101596
25a** Cover Plate - Black B101767 B101767 B101767 B101767
25** Cover Plate - Stainless Steel B101597 B101597 B101597 B101597
25b** Cover Plate - Stainless Steel B101768 B101768 B101768 B101768
N/S Char-Master Briquets N/A N/A B101323 B101323
N/S Hardware Pack B101274 B101275 B101309 B101310
N/S Bridge Pin B057805 B057805 B057805 B057805
N/S Hinge Pin B057804 B057804 B057804 B057804
N/S Natural Gas Conversion Kit B101276 N/A B101311 N/A
N/S Cast Stainless Steel Cooking Grids (Optional) DPA101 DPA101 DPA101 DPA101
N/S Ground Lug (2 Required) B069747 B069747 N/A N/A
N/S Ground Wire B072684 B072684 N/A N/A
N/S Hardware Pack, Adjustable Lid Stop B101097 B101097 B101097 B101097
*Control Housing is used only when installing grill head onto cart. See the instructions that come with the cart for Control Housing
installation instructions.
** Cover Plate is used only when installing grill head onto post. See the instructions that come with the post for Cover Plate installation