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B101623-2-0112Page 26
Radiation/Wind Shield
Place the radiation/wind shield in the grill bottom.
See Figure 10.
Figure 10
Burner Assembly
1. Place the Burner Body, with the ports facing up, on a at surface.
2. Place the Gasket on the Burner Body, aligning the holes.
3. Set the Venturi Assembly on the Gasket again aligning the
holes. See Figure 11.
4. Align hole on burner bracket with the left front hole on Venturi
Assembly as shown in Figure 11.
5. With all holes properly aligned, using four #10 x 1/2 Phillips
Truss Head Screws, attach the Venturi Assembly to the Burner
Body. See Figure 11. Do not tighten the screw securing the
burner bracket to the venturi assembly.
“P” series
“H” series
Figure 11