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B101623-2-0112Page 30
Installing Racks
Place the briquet rack or on the burner assembly.
Position the are busters on the briquette rack or the ceramic
briquets evenly on the briquette rack without overlapping. See
Figures 20a and 20b.
For Smoker Shutter installation see DPA100 manual included with
your P3SX grill.
Set the multilevel cooking grids. See Figures 21a and 21b.
Figure 21a
Installing Char-Master Briquets
Individually place the ‘Char-Master’ briquets in a single layer evenly
on your grill’s briquet rack; DO NOT dump them onto the briquet
rack. A single layer of ‘Char-Master’ briquets is all that’s needed.
DO NOT overlap or stack the briquets.
See Figure 21b.
After properly placing the ‘Char-Master’ briquets on your grill’s
briquet rack, there may be some briquets left over. Save them for
future use.
Before cooking, always preheat the grill as directed by the grill’s
operating instructions. Hot briquets cause better, quicker cooking
and better avor.
Routine preheating and routine burn-off (also called post-heating)
of a grill will clean the ‘Char-Master’ briquets. Periodically turn the
briquets over while they are cool.
Note for H3 Package Owners: The side shelf must be installed
before installing the Briquets and Briquet Rack.
Figure 21b