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B101623-2-0112 Page 43
12. The natural gas inlet pressure at the grill is to be set at 7.0" of
inlet pressure.
13. Ignite burner on grill and observe ame pattern. If ame is yel-
low in color or ame is lifting off burner, the air shutter on blue
ame burners only will require adjustment.
14. Beneath the control panel you can access the air shutter
which is located on the end of the burner tube.
15. Loosen phillips screw at air shutter, open air shutter for a yel-
low ame or close air shutter for a lifting ame. Tighten phillips
screw at air shutter.
16. Ignite burners on grill to verify burner ame characteristics.
17. Replace briquet rack and briquets and reinstall cooking grids.
Installation must conform to local codes or in the absence of local
codes, with the National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223.1/NFPA 54,
Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code, CSA B149.1, or Pro-
pane Storage and Handling Code, B149.2.
Caution: The grill and its individual shutoff valve must be dis-
connected from the gas supply piping system during any sys-
tem pressure testing at test pressures in excess of 1/2 PSIG.
Caution: The grill must be isolated from the gas supply piping
system by closing its individual manual shutoff valve during
any pressure testing of the gas supply piping system at test
pressures equal to or less than 1/2 PSIG.