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B101623-2-0112 Page 37
Safety Practices to Avoid Per-
sonal Injury
When properly cared for your Broilmaster Infrared Grill will give
safe, reliable service for many years. However, extreme care must
be used since the grill produces intense heat, which can increase
accident potential. When using this appliance, basic safety prac-
tices must be followed, including the following:
Read this Installation Instructions and Owner's Manual care-
fully and completely before using your grill to reduce the risk
of re, burn hazard or other injury.
Begin by ensuring proper assembly.
Do not repair or replace any part of the grill unless specically
recommended in this manual. All other service should be referred
to a qualied technician.
For personal safety, wear proper apparel. Loose tting garments
or sleeves should never be worn while using this appliance. Some
synthetic fabrics are highly ammable and should not be worn
while cooking. Never let clothing, pot holders or other ammable
materials come in contact with or too close to any grate, burner
or hot surface until it has cooled. Fabric may ignite and result in
personal injury.
Use only dry pot holders: moist or damp pot holders on hot sur-
faces may cause burns from steam. Do not use a towel or bulky
cloth in place of pot holders. Do not let pot holders touch hot por-
tions of the grilling grids.
Only certain types of glass, heat-proof glass ceramic, earthen-
ware, or other glazed utensils are suitable for grill use. Use of these
types of materials may break with sudden temperature changes.
Grease is ammable. Let hot grease cool before attempting to
handle it. Avoid letting grease deposits collect in the bottom of the
grill. Clean often.
Do not use aluminum foil to line the grilling grids or grill bottom.
This can severely upset combustion airow or trap excessive heat
in the control area. The result of this can be melted knobs, igniters
and increased chance of personal injury. The drip tray accessory
may be lined with aluminum foil.
Children should not be left alone or unattended in an area where
the grill is being used. Never allow them to sit, stand or play on or
around the grill at any time. Do not store items of interest to chil-
dren around or below the grill or in the cart. Never allow children
to crawl inside of a cart.
Do not heat unopened food containers as a build-up of pressure
may cause the container to burst.
Use a covered hand when opening the grill lid. Never lean over
an open grill.
When lighting a burner, always pay close attention to what you
are doing. Be certain you are depressing the igniter button. When
using the grill: do not touch the grilling grids, burner, warming rack
or immediate surrounding area as these areas become extremely
hot and could cause burns.
For proper lighting and performance of the burners keep the ports
clean. The burners will only operate in one position and must be
mounted correctly for safe operation.
Clean the grill with caution. Avoid steam burns; do not use a wet
sponge or cloth to clean the grill while it is hot. Some cleaners
produce noxious fumes or can ignite if applied to a hot surface.
Insect Warning - Spiders and insects can nest in the burners
of this and any other grill, and cause the gas to ow from the front
of the burner. This is a very dangerous condition, which can cause
a re to occur behind the valve panel, thereby damaging the grill
and making it unsafe to operate. Inspect the grill at least twice per
Be sure all grill controls are turned off and the grill is cool before
using any type of aerosol cleaner on or around the grill. The chem-
ical that produces the spraying action could, in the presence of
heat, ignite or cause metal parts to corrode. Do not operate the
grill under unprotected combustible construction. Use only in well
ventilated areas. Do not use in buildings, garages, sheds, breeze-
ways or any enclosed areas.
Keep the area surrounding the grill free from combustible materi-
als, trash, or combustible uids and vapors such as gasoline or
charcoal lighter uid. Do not obstruct the ow of combustion and
ventilation air. Keep the back of the cart free and clear from debris.
If the unit is stored indoors ensure that it is cool. If propane is used,
the cylinder must be unhooked and the propane cylinder stored
outside in a well-ventilated area, out of reach of children.
Never use the grill in windy conditions. If located in a consistently
windy area (oceanfront, mountain top, etc) a windbreak will be re-
quired. Always adhere to the specied clearance.
Keep any electrical supply cord, or the optional rotisserie motor
cord away from the heated areas of the grill. Do not use the grill
for cooking excessively fatty meats or products, which promote
Your Broilmaster Infrared Grill is designed for outdoor use
only and must not be installed in or on recreational vehicles
and/or boats.