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1. Follow instructions to properly assemble and position the cooker
. Perform gas leak and thermometer
test, and oil level determination.
2. After making certain food product is thawed and towel dried, add food product into the empty basket.
Before lighting cooker, always have all food product prepared and ready for frying. This will reduce
future distractions and better enable proper monitoring of ther
mometer and heating oil.
(Read pages 26 - 27 about Cooking Oil)
This cooker does not have automatic thermostat controls so must be attended and monitored at all times
during use. When cooking with oil/grease, a ther
mometer must be used to monitor temperature. Oil/grease
heated above 400˚F (200˚C) will ignite and catch fire causing property damage, personal injury or death.
NOTE: Optimum frying temperature range is 325˚F to 350˚F (163˚C to 177˚C).
ypically 2 to 3 inches of water is used for steaming food products. Use cooking vessel (stockpot) having
perforated basket that is elevated above the water level. Be certain your stockpot has a vented lid for
1. Follow instructions to properly assemble and position
the cooker
. Perform gas leak test, and water level
2. Arrange food in the perforated basket.
3. Heat up time for 2 to 3 inches of water will be very fast.
4. Once boiling is achieved, reduce cooker flame
by turning regulator valve as directed.
5. Using an insulated mitt, carefully lower food basket
into the cooking vessel, then cover with lid.
(Be certain food is not touching the water.)
6. Leave the cooker flame set low during cooking
to maintain a steady boil.
Hint: Cooked seafood turns from translucent to opaque when done.
7. When steaming is done, turn off gas to the cooker. Wearing an insulated mitt, carefully lift the lid
and remove food basket from the cooking vessel.
Use an insulated mitt when lifting stockpot lid when steaming. Steam escaping through the lid vent
under pressure is invisible and can cause severe bur
ns. Use extreme caution when removing
stockpot lid when steaming or boiling.
Do not allow water to evaporate completely during steaming. The bottom of aluminum stockpots
will quickly warp and melt if all water evaporates; even under a low flame. If steaming for a long
period of time you will need to occasionally add water to the stockpot.
NOTE: For #SP-1 Jet Cooker, the flame
spreader should be CLOSED for STEAMING
Flame Spreader
CLOSED position