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Even when bur
ner is set at a low flame, never leave the cooker unattended. Cooking oil/grease
will heat up quickly and ignite at 550˚F to 700˚F (287˚C to 371˚C).
Keep children and pets away from the cooking area at all times. Carefully monitor all activity
around cooker to avoid burns or other injuries.
This appliance will be hot during and after use. Use insulated oven mitts or gloves for protection
from hot surfaces or splatter from cooking liquids. Always wear closed toe shoes while cooking
with this appliance.
Use caution when walking or standing near cooker as splattered oil may have created a slick
surface. Do not walk between cooker and propane tank as this creates a trip hazard.
Tripping over the hose could overturn the cooker.
Avoid bumping of or impact with the appliance to prevent spillage or splashing of hot cooking
liquid which can cause sever burns.
DO NOT move the appliance when in use. Allow cooking vessel to cool down to 115˚F (45˚C)
before moving, cleaning or storing.
Should the burner flame go out during use, turn all gas valves off. Wait 5 minutes for gas to evacuate
before re-lighting. See instructions in this manual for correct procedures.
Never overfill a cooking vessel with oil, grease or water. Overfilled cooking vessels can boil
over and cause a fire. Follow instructions in this manual for establishing proper oil or water level.
After a period of storage or nonuse, check this appliance for gas leaks and burner obstructions
before use. See instructions in this manual for correct procedures.
Sober adult operation ONLY! Read and understand this manual before using this appliance.
The use of alcohol, prescription or nonprescription drugs may impair ability to properly assemble
or safely operate this appliance.
DO NOT place an empty cooking vessel on the cooker while in operation as it could melt.
Use caution when placing anything in a cooking vessel while the appliance is in operation.
Children can fall a into cooking vessel and drown in even a small amount of liquid. Keep cooking
vessel out of reach of children. Do not store your cooking vessel with liquid inside.
When cooking with oil/grease, have a Type BC or ABC fire extinguisher readily accessible.
This appliance is not intended for and should never be used as a heater.
Do not use this cooker for other than its intended purpose.
Combustion by-products from the use of this product contain chemicals known to the
State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.
Never use glassware, plastic, or ceramic cookware on this appliance.
Only use replacement/accessory parts manufactured by Barbour International, Inc.
Repairs should be performed by Barbour International, Inc.
If you see, smell or hear the hiss of escaping gas from the liquid propane cylinder.
1. Move away from liquid propane cylinder.
2. Do not attempt to correct the problem yourself.
3. Call your fire department.