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7. Using an insulated mitt, carefully lower the food basket into th
e boiling water, then place lid back
on the cooking vessel. NOTE: Immersing the food basket will quickly reduce water temperature.
8. Increase cooker flame to desired level by turning regulator control knob as directed. It will take
several minutes for water temperature to increase and achieve a rolling boil.
Boiling time varies with type of food being cooked. Seafood generally has the shortest boiling time.
For superior cooking results, follow these simple steps:
1. Heat water to rolling boil.
2. Reduce cooker flame and carefully lower food basket into boiling water and cover the pot.
3. Increase cooker flame and cook until a rolling boil is achieved.
4. Leaving pot covered, reduce cooker flame and allow rolling boil to continue for 3-minutes.
5. After 3-minutes have passed, shut off gas to the cooker. Leave the pot covered and allow to set
another 15-minutes.
During this 15-minute period, the food will continue to cook and absorb seasoning without being
over-cooked. Generally, the 3-minute : 15-minute rule results in shrimp and crawfish being perfectly
cooked, seasoned and easy to peel.
1. Shut off gas to the cooker.
2. Wearing an insulated mitt, carefully remove lid from pot.
3. Wearing an insulated mitt, carefully and slowly lift basket from the cooking vessel.
4. Hold the basket above the cooking vessel to allow hot water to drain.
Once a rolling boil is achieved, reduce cooker flame to maintain the desired level. Lowering cooker
flame reduces chance of a boil over during cooking.
Remember, lift the far side of lid first to protect you from escaping steam and heat.
Use extreme caution when lifting a food basket from boiling wate
Be certain cooker is turned off.
In addition to an insulated mitt, wear shoes, long pants and shirt sleeves to prevent burns from
splashing hot water.
Food baskets in stockpots from 60-qt to 162-qt are ver
y heavy and should be a 2-person operation.
A 2-person basket Lift Assist Bar is recommended for cooking vessels of 100-qt to 162-qt size.
5. Carefully pour out the food product and… enjoy!