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Fireplace Installation
obstruct the bottom of this
heater. Bottom of unit must
be a minimum of 14 inches
(356 mm) above the oor or
any surface such as a tabletop
to ensure adequate space for
heat exhaust from the bottom
of the replace (Figure 3).
With a wall stud nder,
locate the center of the wall
stud, drive a wood screw
into the stud and leave
Figure 3
Heat Exhaust
approximately ⅛ inch (3 mm)
exposed threads for the
replace to hang on.
The second mounting point
should be picked such that it
is farthest (to the left or right)
relative to the rst one among the
seven (7) keyholes (A to G shown
in Figure 2) on the replace for
wall mounting, these keyholes are
two (2) inches (51 mm) apart. For
example, if you plan to use hole
B as the rst mounting hole, the
second mounting hole must be G.
Other available combinations are
A-G, C-G, A-F, A-E, A-D and D-G.
Mark the second mounting
screw location; ensure that it is
level with the rst with the help
of the provided bubble level and
the replace itself. Screw the
threaded drywall anchor in the
drywall with a Philip’s head
screwdriver until the head is at
against the wall surface.
Caution should be taken when
using a power tool to install a
threaded drywall anchor as the
drywall may distort, tear or slightly
buckle as a result of over-torque.
With a Philip’s head screw
driver, screw the drywall anchor
screw into the drywall anchor
already in the wall, leave ⅛ inch
(3 mm) exposed threads for
mounting the replace.