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Fireplace Installation
installation should be
entrusted to duly qualied
personnel where required by
Leave the frame uninstalled
from the replace chassis until
step 13.
Prepare a wall opening
following the dimensions shown
in Figure 5. Note that a four (4)
inch (102 mm) minimum depth
including the thickness of dry wall
is required. Make sure there is
enough clearance for the cable
coming out from the bottom of the
NOTE: Where there are close
tolerances involved in wall
building or applications which
require a great degree of
precision, we recommend that
the product itself be used to
make the actual
measurements for the wall
opening. Dimplex North
America will not be
responsible for inaccuracies in
the design or manufacture of
WARNING: Ensure method of
installation does not obscure
the air intake slots on top of
unit in any manner.
Keep a minimum of a four (4)
inch (102 mm) clearance from
top of unit to any surface or
Wire a dedicated, properly
fused circuit with 120 Volt, 15
Amp rating. Allow up to eight
(8) feet (2.44 m) of service cable
for connecting power supply to
junction box on replace when
installing after nishing wall.
CAUTION: Use a two (2)
conductor, non-metallic sheath
cable with ground wire (three
(3) wires total) for the incoming
power supply on replace
Use the appropriate wire
to meet local and national
electrical codes for rated
power consumption.
Figure 5
(362 mm)