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Fireplace Installation
NOTE: A 15 Amp, 120 Volt
circuit is required. A dedicated
circuit is preferred but not
essential in all cases. A
dedicated circuit will be
required if, after installation,
the circuit breaker trips or the
fuse blows on a regular basis
when the heater is operating.
Additional appliances on the
same circuit may exceed the
current rating of the circuit
WARNING: Ensure the power
cord is not installed so that it is
pinched or against a sharp
edge and ensure that the
power cord is stored or
secured to avoid tripping or
snagging to reduce the risk of
re, electric shock or injury to
Construction and electrical
outlet wiring must comply
with local building codes and
other applicable regulations to
reduce the risk of re, electric
shock and injury to persons.
Do not attempt to wire your
own new outlets or circuits. To
reduce the risk of re, electric
shock or injury to persons,
always use a licensed
Quick Reference Guide
Before using the In-Stud
replace verify:
Are the circuit breakers for the
unit on?
Are the light bulbs loose? (to
check, follow the instructions
for replacing the light bulbs
under the maintenance section
of this manual)
The heater may emit a slight,
harmless odor when rst used.
This odor is a normal condition
caused by the initial heating of
internal heater parts.
The information regarding the
model of your unit can be found
on the model and serial number
plate located on the side of the
unit. See Page 3 for an illustration
on how to locate the rating plate.