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WARNING: The Convex
In Stud replace is wall
mountable and can be built in
a wall space 16 inches (406
mm) over-center between 2”
x 4” wall studs. Follow the
installation instructions for
either wall mount or built-in
mounting; failure to do so may
cause damage or injury.
Wall Mounting Instructions
Leave the glass assembly
uninstalled until step 10.
Select a location for the
replace, preferably above an
electrical outlet and there must
be at least one wall stud behind
for the replace to mount onto.
The bottom of the unit must be a
minimum of 14 inches (356 mm)
above the oor (mounting holes
29¾ inch (0.75 m) minimum
above the oor) (Figure 2).
Access to the electrical outlet
must be maintained. Ensure the
installation meets the national and
state/provincial electrical codes.
NOTE: It is recommended
that the bottom of the unit not
be mounted higher than
48 inches (1.22 m) from the
Fireplace Installation
ground to maintain an
optimized viewing angle of the
CAUTION: The replace must
be mounted at two (2) points,
one of which must be on a
wall stud.
temperatures may be
generated under certain
abnormal conditions. Do
not partially or fully cover or
Figure 2
29¾” - 75¾”
(0.75 - 1.92m)
14” - 48”
(0.36 - 1.22m)