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Figure 9
Top Light Dimmer
Heater On/Off Switch
Main On/Off Switch
A. Main On/Off Switch
The switch has two ON positions
marked with
and “ON”.
The “ON” position is for manual
operation. In this position the
built-in remote control is by-
position is for operating
the unit with the provided remote
When in
position the unit is
operated with the ON and OFF
buttons of the remote control.
When the switch is in the center
position the unit is off.
B. Heater On/Off Switch
The Heater On/Off Switch
supplies power to the heater fan
and the heater element.
When the switch is in the ON
position the heater operates if the
thermostat calls for heat.
C. Heater Thermostat Control
To adjust the temperature to your
individual requirements, turn the
thermostat control upward all the
way to turn on the heater. When
the room reaches the desired
temperature, turn the thermostat
knob downward until you hear
a click. Leave in this position to
maintain the room temperature at
this setting. For additional heat,
turn upward until you hear the
click again and the heater will turn
D. Top Light Dimmer Control
The top Top Light Dimmer Control
controls the brightness of the
top accent light that is used to
illuminate the pebbles.