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Figure 11
Lift to
Bulb Replacement Instructions:
Disconnect power supply to
the replace either by unplugging
the replace or switch off at the
breaker panel.
Remove glass assembly.
Remove the screws securing the
glass assembly on the chassis
(Figure 4).
Hold on to the glass assembly
with both hands then lift the whole
assembly straight up to remove
(Figure 11).
Remove the two (2) screws
securing the light block as shown
in Figure 12, then remove the
light block.
Reach in and turn the burnt
bulb(s) counterclockwise to
WARNING: Disconnect
power before attempting any
maintenance or cleaning to
reduce the risk of re, electric
shock or damage to persons.
Light Bulb Replacement
Turn unit off, allow at least ve (5)
minutes for light bulbs to cool
before touching bulbs to avoid
accidental burning of skin.
Light bulbs need to be replaced
when you notice a dark section
of the ame. There are two (2)
bulbs, which generate the ames.
Tool Requirements: Philips
screw driver
Helpful Hints
It is a good idea to replace all
light bulbs at once if they are
close to the end of their rated life.
Group replacement will reduce
the number of times you will need
to open the unit to replace light
Light Bulb Requirements
Quantity of two (2) 60 Watt
chandelier or candelabra bulbs
with E-12 (small) socket base,
120 Volt.
Do not exceed 60 Watt per bulb