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Quick Reference Guide for the Dimplex
Electric Fireplace
1. Prior to the first use of the fireplace verify the
Are the circuit breakers for the socket the
unit uses on?
Are the light bulbs in your fireplace
loose? (to check, follow the instructions
for replacing the light bulbs under the
maintenance section of this manual)
2. The heater on your fireplace may emit a slight,
harmless odor when first used. This odor is a
normal condition caused by the initial heating of
internal heater parts and will not occur again.
3. The information regarding the model of your
fireplace can be found on the rating plate. See
Page 2 for location.
4. If you have any technical questions regarding
the operation or service of your fireplace have
your Model and Serial Number ready, and
contact Dimplex North America technical
support at 1-888-DIMPLEX (1-888-346-7539) before
returning the product to the point of purchase.