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To access the lower light bulb area:
1. Slide fireplace out of mantel
2. Lay unit on it’s back for safe removal of front glass.
3. Remove 4 Phillips screws from the right side of trim.
4. Slide glass to right side of fireplace to remove.
5. Pull the front edge of the plastic ember bed or plastic
grate up and forward until the rear tab releases from
the ledge located at the bottom of the mirror.
6. Remove flicker rod by sliding flicker rod to the left
from the flicker motor and lifting out.
7. Remove light bracket for easier access to light bulbs.
Only handle the logset by the emberbed.
Logset fits tightly into firebox, some force may be necessary
to remove.
8. Set logset in front of fireplace.
9. Unscrew bulbs counter clockwise.
10. Insert new bulbs.
11. Replace the logset by inserting the front edge of the
fireplace and push down on the rear edge of the
emberbed until it snaps into place. (Figure 3)
12. Lay unit on it’s back and slide front glass back into
position and attach trim.
Figure 3