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What Dimplex will do in the event of a defect
In the event a product or part covered by this limited warranty
is proven to be defective in material or workmanship during (i)
the 2 year limited warranty period for products other than
fireplace surrounds (mantels) and trims, and (ii) the 1 year
limited warranty period for surrounds (mantels) and trims, you
have the following rights:
Dimplex will in its sole discretion either repair or replace
such defective product or part without charge. If Dimplex
is unable to repair or replace such product or part, or if
repair or replacement is not commercially practicable or
cannot be timely made, Dimplex may, in lieu of repair or
replacement, choose to refund the purchase price for
such product or part.
Limited warranty service will be performed solely by
dealers or service agents of Dimplex authorized to provide
limited warranty services.
For products other than surrounds (mantels) and
trims, this 2 year limited warranty entitles the purchaser
to on-site or in-home warranty services. Accordingly,
Dimplex will be responsible for all labour and
transportation associated with repairing or replacing the
product or part except as follows: (i) charges which may
be levied for travel costs incurred to travel to the
purchaser’s site where the product is located if the
purchaser’s site is beyond 30 miles (48 km) from the
closest service depot of Dimplex’s dealer or service
agent; and (ii) the purchaser is solely responsible for
providing clear access to all serviceable parts of the