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Lighting Instructions
to closed
1. When you are sure there are no leaks, turn cylinder valve and
regulator control valve on hose to the closed position.
2. Reopen cylinder valve fully.
3. Have a fireplace match or long-nosed propane lighter lit and
ready to light Gas Inlet.
4. Place lighter in Gas Inlet, then slowly open regulator valve until gas ignites.
5. When lighting for the first time, you will smell paint burning for a few minutes...
This is normal.
6. When finished using the appliance, turn off gas from the cylinder valve first. It will take a few
seconds for the fire to go out and for the propane gas to "bleed" from the hose and regulator
assembly. After the fire is completely out, turn regulator control valve to the "OFF" position.
7. To re-light, repeat steps 1-5. Always use CAUTION as cooker will be hot.
Trouble Shooting Tips
Problems with proper Gas Flow:
This Bayou Classic appliance and most propane tanks
are equipped with a safety device to shut off the flow of
gas should the hose be cut or severed. Sometimes this
safety device may be tripped when lighting the appliance.
To prevent this, ALWAYS make sure the regulator valve is in the closed position before opening the
valve on the LP gas tank.
1. Close the regulator control valve on
the hose. This shuts off the flow of gas
from the regulator to the burner.
2. Open LP cylinder valve by 1/8 to
1/4 turn. This allows gas into the
regulator and stops it at the closed
regluator valve.
3. Using a small brush or spray bottle, splash on a soapy liquid (ex. Dishwashing liquid and water,
or 50% non-ammonia soap and 50% water) on the connections around the regulator and cylinder
connection. (Figure #3) Any bubbles that appear indicate a gas leak. If so, turn off the gas and
tighten the fittings some more. Do Not use cooker if gas leak cannot be stopped.
Call 1-800-864-6194 (Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm, Saturday 9am - 2pm CST) for assistance.
4. After you are certain there are no leaks, turn tank valve and regulator valve to “OFF” position.
Wait 5 minutes for any gas fumes to go away before lighting the burner.
After assembly is complete, always check for gas leaks before lighting.
Spray ALL connections with a soapy
liquid to check for gas leaks.
Appearance of bubbles indicates a leak.
Check for Gas Leaks