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1. Slide Extension Leg into holes on the Fryer.
Attach using the 4 Bolts.
3. Lock Basket Handle into place by inserting
handle into loops on Basket. Then with some
pressure, carefully force Basket Handle Bars
around the clasp on the Basket.
Assembly Instructions
Parts List
Steel Deep Fryer
2 Stainless Steel Baskets
2 Extension Legs
4 Bolts for Extension Legs
4 Small Bolts for Gas Inlet
2 Long Bolts for Heat Exhaust
1 Gas Inlet
1 Heat Exhaust
1 Thermometer Wrench
2. (a) Attach the Gas Inlet to the opening on back
of Fryer using 4 Small Bolts. Make sure it is
attached to the opening on the right side
of Fryer.
(b) Attach Heat Exhaust to the other opening
on back of Fryer using 2 Long Bolts.
Thermometer Test Instructions
- Always use a thermometer. A thermometer is a sensitive measuring device which may work improperly
if dropped, bent, or twisted. Always check to be sure the thermometer is working properly before
- There is a simple way to test the thermometer:
1. While wearing protective gloves, hold the thermometer by the dial. Insert thermometer end
into boiling water. The needle should quickly move around the dial and register approximately
212°F (100°C). This indicates the thermometer is working.
Note: Clean the inside of Bayou Fryer with
soap and water before first use.