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11. Keep children and pets away from the appliance at all times. Avoid bumping of or impact with
the appliance to prevent spillage or splashing of hot liquid.
12. Do NOT move the appliance when in use. Allow the cooking vessel to cool to 115°F (46°C)
before moving or storing.
13. When cooking with oil, grease or water; the thermometer provided MUST be used. Follow instructions
in this manual for proper installation and use of thermometer. Follow instructions to make sure
thermometer is working properly.
14. NEVER let the oil, grease or water temperature get hotter than 350°F (177°C). If the temperature
goes above 400°F (200°C) or if oil begins to smoke, IMMEDIATELY turn burner OFF. Wait for the
temperature to decrease to less than 350°F (177°C) before relighting burner. Do NOT open lid if
oil has over heated. Opening the lid on overheated oil can result in spontaneous combustion.
After reaching 450°F (230°C), oil or grease temperature can rapidly increase to its point of
spontaneous combustion... a serious grease fire. Therefore, never leave cooker unattended, always
monitor the thermometer.
15. When cooking with oil, grease or water; fire extinguishing materials shall be readily accessible.
In the event of an oil or grease fire do NOT attempt to extinguish with water. Turn off the gas at
the supply cylinder and close lid. Use a Type BC or ABC dry chemical fire extinguisher or smother
fire with dirt, sand or baking soda.
16. NEVER overfill with oil, grease or water.
17. Failure to completely thaw and dry food may cause oil or grease to overflow. When frying with
oil or grease, all foods products MUST be completely thawed and towel dried to remove excess
18. Use extreme caution keeping hands, hair and clothing away from the appliance. Never put face
or hands over burner while lighting. Make sure to turn appliance off when not in use.
Always wear cooking mitts.
19. Use only D.O.T. certified (US Department of Transportation) LP gas cylinders. Always close
LP cylinder valve after use. Always use and store LP cylinder in an upright position. Never store
or transport LP cylinders in occupied enclosures. Carefully read and follow instructions on
LP cylinder.
20. Never fill the Cylinder beyond 80% full. All LP Cylinders in excess of 2.2 lbs(1.0 Kg.) propane
capacity, must include a collar to protect the cylinder valve.