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Fig. 15
Fig. 16
When using the 10 grinding wheel, there should always
be enough water in the base (A) Fig. 15, of the grinder in
order that one inch of the lower portion of the grinding
wheel will be submerged in water. As water is absorbed
into the grinding wheel, additional water must be added
into the base.
A drain screw (B) Fig. 16, is provided in the grinder base
to remove the water.
For best grinding results and to maintain good balance, always keep the wheels properly dressed.
Do not force work against a cold wheel but use light pressure until the wheel becomes warm. It is
earnestly recommended that only balanced wheels be used. The use of balanced wheels adds
years to the life of the bearings in any grinder, and by eliminating the most common source of
vibration, more accurate work is accomplished.
Your dealer can order special wheels, given the size, thickness, arbor diameter and grade, from
any reliable grinding wheel company, but be sure that they are balanced for perfect results and
rated for the proper speed or higher.