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Fig. 3
Fig. 4
Fig. 2
1. Fasten the eye shield (A) Fig. 2, to mounting bracket
(B) using the two screws (C) and nuts (D).
2. Assemble eye shield and mounting bracket assembly
(E) Fig. 3, to side of grinding wheel guard (F) using lock
knob screw and washer (G) Figs. 2 and 3.
3. The eye shield (A) Fig. 4, is fully adjustable so it can
be put in any desired position by loosening lock knob (H)
and moving the shield (A).
1. IF YOU ARE NOT thoroughly familiar with the opera-
tion of the Wet/Dry Grinder, obtain advice from your
supervisor, instructor or other qualified person.
2. MAKE SURE the wheel guards and eye shields are
in place and are properly adjusted and tightened.
3. BE SURE blotter and wheel flanges are used to
mount the grinding wheels onto the shaft of the grinder.
4. ADJUST distance between wheels and tool rests to
maintain 1/8" or less separation as the diameter of the
wheels decrease with use. Securely tighten tool rests so
they cannot shift position while in use.
5. INSPECT THE WHEELS before turning on the power.
REPLACE cracked or chipped wheels immediately.
6. STAND to one side of the wheel when turning on the
7. DRESS the wheel on the face only. Dressing on the
side of the wheel would cause it to become too thin for
safe use.
8. WHEN GRINDING use the face of the wheel only.
9. DO NOT use a wheel that vibrates. Dress wheel,
replace the wheel, or replace the bearings of the shaft if
these are worn. Grinding creates heat; don’t touch
ground portion of workpiece until you are sure workpiece
has cooled.
10. HOLD work firmly against tool rests.
11. KEEP hands away from grinding wheels.
12. USE grinding wheel suitable for speed of grinder.
13. DISCONNECT machine from power source when
making repairs or adjustments.
14. WARNING: The use of accessories or attachments
not recommended by Delta may result in risk of injury.
15. ADDITIONAL information regarding the safe and
proper operation of this product is available from the
National Safety Council, 1121 Spring Lake Drive, Itasca,
IL 60143-3201 in the Accident Prevention Manual for
Industrial Operations and also in the Safety Data Sheets
provided by the NSC. Please also refer to the American
National Standards Institute ANSI 01.1 Safety Require-
ments for Woodworking Machinery and the U.S. Depart-
ment of Labor OSHA 1910.213 Regulations.
16. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS. Refer to them often
and use them to instruct others.