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Fig. 26
Fig. 27
The ten inch aluminum oxide grinding wheel operates at
a slow speed of 70 RPM, which makes it suitable for
honing cutting tools such as garden tools, chisels and
sharpening axes, as shown in Fig. 26.
During operation, the water level in the reservoir (A)
Fig. 26, should be kept at a one inch depth. This will keep
the wheel constantly wet while rotating and keep hard-
ened tools cool without damaging their temper. The large
wheel also is used to remove burrs from tools requiring
keen edges.
The sliding angle jig is used to sharpen tools with com-
pound cutting angles, as shown in Fig. 27.
Adjust the tool rest so it supports the tool at the exact
grinding angle close to the grinding wheel, and observe
all safety precautions before applying power to the
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