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height). When folding, make sure you keep the good
numbering when you turn the pages of the I/B. Don’t change
the page numbering. Keep the language integrity. Print only
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6 FHG 30035 - 140407
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Cooking with less fat
If you want to cook with less fat, you can get rid of the excess
cooking fat by using the slanted feet at the back of the
appliance. This will provide the contact grill with a slope that will
help evacuate the extra fat near the front edge of the cooking
plate, and towards the fat collecting tray.
To Use as Press Grill
Use the Grill as press grill to grill sandwiches, breads and quesadillas.
Set the thermostat knob to your desired setting. At first, try a
medium setting. You may later adjust it lower or higher
according to your preference.
Prepare the sandwiches and, using oven mitts and heat-resistant
wooden or plastics utensils, place them onto the bottom cooking
plate. Always place the sandwiches towards the rear of the
bottom cooking plate first.
Close the top cooking plate, which is equipped with a floating
hinge that is designed to evenly press down on the sandwich.
The top plate must be fully lowered to cook sandwiches.
Cook for about 3 to 6 minutes or until golden brown, adjusting
the time to suit your own individual taste.
When the sandwich is cooked, use the handle to open the lid.
Remove the sandwich with the help of a heat-resistant plastic or
wooden spatula. Never use metal tongs or a knife as these can
cause damage to the non-stick coating of the cook plates.
To ensure proper and uniform grilling, when cooking more than
one food item on the grill, it is important for the thickness of all
food items to be consistent, so that the cover will close evenly on
the food.