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of 32
Copies of the I/B. Please reproduce them without any
changes except under special instruction from Team
International USA. The pages must be reproduced and folded
in order to obtain a booklet A5 (+/- 148.5 mm width x 210 mm
height). When folding, make sure you keep the good
numbering when you turn the pages of the I/B. Don’t change
the page numbering. Keep the language integrity. Print only
what is inside the frame.
10 FHG 30035 - 140407
Assembly page 10/32
Fax +1 305 430 9692
the appliance to the store: often, our Customer Service
Representatives can help solve the problem without having the
product serviced. If servicing is needed, a Representative can
confirm whether the product is under warranty and direct you to the
nearest service location.
If this is the case, bring the product, or send it, postage prepaid by
the user (all Kalorik customers are responsible for the initial shipment
back to the warranty center), along with proof of purchase and a
return authorization number indicated on the outer package, given
by our Customer Service Representatives. Send to the authorized
KALORIK Service Center (please visit our website at
www.KALORIK.com or call our Customer Service Department for the
address of our authorized KALORIK Service Center).
When sending the product, please include a letter explaining the
nature of the claimed defect.
If you have additional questions, please call our Customer Service
Department (please see below for complete contact information),
Monday through Thursday from 9:00am - 5:00pm (EST) and Friday
from 9:00am - 4:00pm (EST). Please note hours are subject to change.
If you would like to write, please send your letter to:
KALORIK Customer Service Department
Team International Group of America Inc.
1400 N.W 159th Street, Suite 102
Miami Gardens, FL 33169 USA
Or call:
Toll Free: +1 888-521-TEAM / +1 888-KALORIK
Only letters can be accepted at this address above. Shipments and
packages that do not have a return authorization number will be