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1. Press the ENTER button, the middle display flashes.
2. Use the direction buttons on the hand held remote to move the cursor to and press
3. Press and hold the up direction button for 4 – 5 seconds. The will flash when the
child lock function has been turned ON.
4. To turn the child lock function OFF, hold the down direction button for 4 – 5 seconds.
The Purifire™ includes a high efficiency filter to help improve the quality of air. When the
Purifire™ function is ON and the Heater icon is NOT displayed on the remote control, the
green indicator light is activated on the firebox.
The red indicator light overrides the green Purifire™ light.
1. Press the ENTER button until the middle display flashes.
2. Press the ENTER button on the Purifire™ function.
3. Press the left or right direction button to select LOW or HIGH.
4. Press the up direction button to turn the Purifire™ ON, press the down direction
button to turn the Purifire™ OFF.
5. Press ENTER to return to the main menu.
The Purifire™ can also be turned On/Off by pressing the Purifire™ On/Off button.
The Sleep Timer automatically shuts off the fireplace after a preset time (from 30 minutes to 8
1. To set the sleep timer press the sleep timer button.
2. Pressing the sleep timer button repeatedly will increase the sleep timer by 30 minute
3. The fireplace will automatically turn OFF when the sleep timer reaches 0 minutes.
4. The sleep timer can be cancelled at any time by pressing the sleep timer button
repeatedly until the sleep timer display disappears and the room temperature display is
The heater thermostat can be programmed to suit your individual needs by using the
INDIVIDUAL DAY SETTING. When going through the programmable heater setting for the
first time the display screen on the remote will read : . The programmable heater has
2 program settings (P1 and P2). Program 1 (P1) is to be used for your comfortable room
setting and Program 2 (P2) is to be used as your set back (energy-saving) temperature. Once
the heater has been programmed and the program has been turned ON the temperature can
only be changed by either turning the program OFF or by pressing the Flame/Heat On/Off
button. (see programming individual day setting section to turn program OFF and/or
temporary manual override section)
When the occupancy sensor function is ON, it will also override the programmable heater