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7. FAQ and Troubleshooting
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use a 20lb LP tank?
“You may use a standard 20 lb. LP tank with your Cuisinart Gas Grill, but you will need a conversion hose, such as the
Cuisinart QG-012B or equivalent. These hoses are widely available online, and at most home centers and hardware
stores. [be sure the 20 lb tank you are planning to use is intended for gas grill use, and has an OPD valve]”
Can I use my Cuisinart Gas Grill with natural gas?
“NO. Your Cuisinart Gas Grill is intended for use only with LP (Liquid Propane) gas. Natural Gas is NOT Liquid Propane.
Never use any other fuel source with your grill, as it will create a dangerous situation.”
Can I add lava rocks, ceramic tiles, or charcoal briquettes to my Cuisinart Gas Grill?
“NO. Your grill is not intended to operate with these items, and doing so may create an unsafe situation, and will
void your warranty. You may use wood planks or a wood chip “”smoker box”” on top of the cooking grate surface,
but nothing should go under the cooking grate.”
Where can I buy accessories or replacement parts?
Visit www.cuisinart.com or call 1-800-211-9604.
Burner won’t light (using a 16.4oz or 14.1oz LP bottle)
holes with a small brush.”
“If above do not solve problem, unless LP tank is new, replace with new tank and attempt lighting again.”
Burner won’t light (using 20lb. Tank with conversion hose)
Grill doesn’t reach high enough temperature (using LP bottle)
Grill doesn’t reach high enough temperature (using 20lb LP tank with conversion hose)
it is commonly called “”bypass””. This device can be inadertantly activated by not following proper lighting procedures.
Should you experience low ame, you should do the following:
1) shut off grill
2) close tank valve fully
3) remove conversion hose to relieve pressure, then re-attach
Then, restart the grill (and start the grill each time) using the proper procedure:
1) ensure the grill fuel knob is turned to OFF
2) slowly open the gas tank valve fully
4) follow the grill lighting steps (printed on grill, and in owner’s manual)”
For additional FAQs, please visit www.cuisinartgrilling.com/customerservice
8. Warranty and Replacement Parts
This warranty covers defects in parts and workmanship for a period of 3 years from the original
purchase date. Any damage claim regarding the enameling must be submitted within 30 days of
purchase to be covered by the warranty.
The following conditions are NOT covered by this warranty:
• Unevennessandcolorvariationsintheenamelcoating.
• Damagecausedbyimproperassemblyordisregardofthemanual.
• Useofsparepartsnotsuppliedbymanufacturer.
• Damageresultingfrommodicationsorinappropriateuse.
• Abuseofthegrill
• Damagecausedbyimpropermaintenanceorrepairsbyanunauthorizedperson.
Limitations and exclusions:
1. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser and may not be transferred.
2. If you can not verify the purchase date of the grill the warranty period will begin on the date the
grill was manufactured.
3. Replacement or repair parts are warranted for the remaining period of the original part warranty.
Your obligations:
This grill must be assembled, installed, operated and maintained in accordance with all applicable
codes and the instruction manual furnished with this grill. You must keep an invoice, cancelled
check or payment record to verify the purchase date of the grill.
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For troubleshooting, FAQs or customer service, visit us at www.cuisinartgrilling.
com/customerservice or contact us at 1-866-994-6390
To order replacement parts or additional Cuisinart Grilling products,
visit us at www.cuisinart.com or call 1-800-211-9604
North American Distributor:
The Fulham Group
Newton, MA 02466