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Step 4: Lift Grill to Height
Hold both sides of the chassis and lift up
until the legs standing on the ground.
Step 5:
Put the grill down and check if the legs
are in the position as illustrated.
Leg tip should be
visible through
bracket hole
To Collapse grill
Step 1: Wait for Grill to cool completely
Step 2 : Be sure gas bottle or supply hose is disconnected
Step 5: Push legs inward toward
grill chassis. You must push the leg
release button (as shown) to collapse
legs under grill
Step 4: While holding grill off
the ground,swing the legs apart and
lower the grill slowly at the same
time, continue until grill is flat on the
ground with legs to the sides
Step 3 : Place one foot on each
grill foot and lift grill chassis up-
wards to unlock legs