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(Read page 22 about Cooking Oil)
1. Follow instructions to properly assemble and position the cooker
. Perform gas leak and thermometer
test, and oil level determination. NOTE: If cooking with water or other liquid, use the same process
as described.
Before lighting cooker, always have all food product prepared and ready for frying. This will
reduce future distractions and better enable proper monitoring o
f thermometer and heating oil.
2. After making cer
tain food product is thawed and towel dried, add food product into the empty basket.
3. Add the determined amount of oil/grease into the cooking vessel (pot).
4. Attach thermometer to the pot making certain the stem is immersed into the oil at least 1-inch.
5. Light the burner on the cooker as described on page 16. NOTE: Spend a few moments to adjust the
flame up and down to become familiar with flame adjustment process.
Thermometer shall be attached to the 10-qt cooking vessel for heat-up period only.
, attach thermometer to the basket for frying.
6. Reduce bur
ner flame to lowest possible setting and carefully set cooking vessel with oil and thermometer
onto the cooker.
7. Increase flame to desired level and monitor the thermometer. When using 3-quarts of oil or less, the
heat-up time to reach 325˚F to 350˚F will take from 3 to 5 minutes. This amount of time is determined
by using 3-quarts of oil or less. Actual heat-up time will vary depending on type and amount of oil
used, regulator setting, ambient temperature and wind.
DO NOT cover cooking vessel with a lid during oil heat-up or frying. This can cause oil to heat faster,
overheat, ignite and cause a fire.
8. When temperature reaches 325˚F
, reduce burner flame to lowest level. Wearing a protective glove,
remove thermometer from pot and attach to side of perforated basket with food product already
placed inside.
Thermometer will become very hot and cause burns if touched by bare hands. Always wear protective
gloves or mitts when handling a hot ther
NOTE: Optimum frying temperature range is 325˚F to 350˚F (163˚C to 177˚C).
This cooker does not have automatic thermostat controls so must be attended and monitored at all times
during use. When cooking with oil/grease, a ther
mometer must be used to monitor temperature. Oil/grease
heated above 400˚F (200˚C) will ignite and catch fire causing property damage, personal injury or death.