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Installing LP Gas Tank
To operate, you will need (1) precision-filled standard grill LP gas
tank (20#) with external valve threads.
W CAUTION: LP gas tank must be properly
disconnected and removed prior to moving this
Insert LP Gas Tank
W WARNING: Make sure LP gas tank valve is closed. Close by turning
valve clockwise.
Place precision filled LP gas tank upright into hole in the base of the outdoor fireplace so it is
arranged for vapor withdrawal.
Secure LP Gas Tank
Secure tank by sliding tank retainer chain around the LP gas tank and insert peg into LP gas
tank tray.
Note: Peg must be inserted into LP gas tank when tank is in LP gas tank tray.
Connect LP Gas Tank
Before connecting, be sure that there is no debris caught in the
head of the LP gas tank, head of the regulator valve or in the
head of the burner and burner ports.
Connect regulator/hose assembly to tank by turning knob
clockwise until it stops.
Disconnect LP Gas Tank
Before disconnecting make sure the LP gas tank valve is
Disconnect regulator/hose assembly from LP gas tank by turning
knob counterclockwise until it is loose.
W CAUTION: LP gas tank must be properly
disconnected and removed prior to moving
this grill.
Getting More Propane
Need a tank of gas? One option is to try propane exchange. It’s easy, fast,
safe, and available at tens of thousands of conveniently located retail outlets
nationwide, which are typically open on nights and weekends. You can
purchase a fresh, precision-filled tank or exchange your empty for a fresh,
precision-filled tank. Another option is to have your tank refilled at a refill
station. Be sure to check the hours of operation for the refill station.
20 lb
9 Kg
17.9 in. / 45.5 cm
12.2 in. / 31 cm
Assembly Instructions (continued)
Place Lava Rocks and Logs (sold separately)
W CAUTION: Do NOT dump lava rocks out of package. Carefully
place lava rocks by hand so dust does not clog burner.
W CAUTION: Do NOT cover pilot housing.
Note: Lava rocks should be 0.8-2.0 in. (2-5 cm) long. Approx. 9.92 lbs. (4.5 kg) of
lava rocks are needed.