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W415-0369 / C / 11.21.05
Main burner goes
out; pilot stays on.
Pilot flame is not large
enough or not engulfing the
- turn up pilot flame.
- replace pilot assembly.
Thermopile shorting - clean thermopile connection to the valve. Reconnect.
- replace thermopile / valve.
Remote wall switch wire is
too long; too much resist-
ance in the system.
- shorten wire to correct length or wire gauge.
Faulty thermostat or switch. - replace.
Pilot will not light. - check if pilot can be lit by a match
- check that the wire is connected to the push button ignitor.
- check if the push button ignitor needs tightening.
- replace the wire if the wire insulation is broken or frayed.
- replace the electrode if the ceramic insulator is cracked or broken.
- replace the push button ignitor.
No spark at pilot burner
- fill the tank.Out of propane gas
Spark gap is incorrect - spark gap should be 0.150" to 0.175" (5/32" to 11/64" approx.) from
the electrode tip and the pilot burner. To ensure proper electrode
location, tighten securing nut (finger tight plus 1/4 turn).
No gas at the pilot burner
- check that the manual valve is turned on.
- check the pilot orifice for blockage.
- replace the valve.
- call the gas distributor.
Pilot goes out when
the gas knob is re-
The gas valve has
an interlock device
which will not allow
the pilot burner to
be lit until the ther-
mocouple has
cooled. Allow ap-
proximately 60
seconds for the
thermocouple to
System is not correctly
- purge the gas line.
Out of propane gas. - fill the tank.
Pilot flame is not large
- turn up the pilot flame.
- gently twist the pilot head to improve the flame pattern around the
Pilot flame is not engulfing
the thermocouple.
Thermocouple shorting /
- loosen and tighten thermocouple.
- clean thermocouple and valve connection.
- replace thermocouple.
- replace valve.
Faulty valve.
- replace.
Pilot burning; no
gas to main
burner; gas knob
is on 'HI'; wall
switch / thermostat
is on.
Themostat or switch is de-
- connect a jumper wire across the wall switch terminals; if main
burner lights, replace switch / thermostat.
Main burner orifice is plugged. - remove stoppage in orifice.
Faulty valve.
- replace.
Wall switch wiring is defec-
- disconnect the switch wires & connect a jumper wire across termi-
nals 1 & 3; if the main burner lights, check the wires for defects and
/ or replace wires.