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W415-0809 / A / 05.10.10
Under no circumstances should this appliance be modi ed.
Do not operate appliance before reading and understanding operating instructions. Failure to operate appliance
according to operating instructions could cause re or injury.
Risk of burns. The appliance should be turned off and cooled before servicing.
Do not install damaged, incomplete or substitute components.
Risk of cuts and abrasions. Wear protective gloves and safety glasses during installation. Sheet metal edges may
be sharp.
Provide adequate ventilation and combustion air. Provide adequate clearance for servicing and operating this
appliance. Never obstruct the front opening of the appliance.
If the appliance shuts off, do not re-light until you provide fresh air. If the appliance keeps shutting off, have it
serviced. Keep burner and control compartment clean.
Do not burn wood or other materials in this appliance.
Young children should be carefully supervised when they are in the same room as the appliance. Toddlers, young
children and others may be susceptible to accidental contact burns. A physical barrier is recommended if there are
at risk individuals in the house. To restrict access to an appliance, install an adjustable safety gate to keep toddlers,
young children and other at risk individuals out of the room and away from hot surfaces.
Due to high temperatures, the appliance should be located out of traf c and away from furniture and draperies.
Ensure you have incorporated adequate safety measures to protect infants/toddlers from touching hot surfaces.
Clothing or other ammable material should not be placed on or near the appliance.
Check with your local hearth specialty dealer for safety screens and hearth guards to protect children from hot
surfaces. These screens and guards must be fastened to the oor.
Any safety screen or guard removed for servicing must be replaced prior to operating the appliance.
It is imperative that the control compartments, burners and circulating blower and its passageway in the appliance
are kept clean. The appliance should be inspected before use and at least annually by a quali ed service person.
More frequent cleaning may be required due to excessive lint from carpeting, bedding, material, etc. The appliance
area must be kept clear and free from combustible materials, gasoline and other ammable vapours and liquids.
Furniture or other objects must be kept a minimum 4 feet away from the front of the appliance.
Do not use this appliance if any part has been under water. Immediately call a quali ed service technician to inspect
the appliance and to replace any part of the control system and any gas control which has been under water.
Do not allow fans to blow directly into the appliance. Avoid any drafts that alter burner ame patterns.
Do not use a blower insert, heat exchanger insert or any other accessory not approved for use with this appliance.
Carbon or soot should not occur in a vent free appliance as it can distribute into the living area of your home. If you
notice any signs of carbon or soot, immediately turn off your appliance and arrange to have it serviced by a quali ed
technician before operating it again.
Keep the packaging material out of reach of children and dispose of the material in a safe manner. As with all plastic
bags, these are not toys and should be kept away from children and infants.
As with any combustion appliance, we recommend having your appliance regularly inspected and serviced as well
as having a Carbon Monoxide Detector installed in the same area to defend you and your family against Carbon
The gas log appliance must be secured to the appliance oor to ensure that the position is not changed while
adjusting the controls.
Sooting and an improper burn may result from shifting of the gas logs by moving the appliance. A gas leak could be
caused by moving the appliance.
If you are installing the appliance into a sunken application, you must raise the appliance oor to allow access to the
gas log controls. Raising the oor ensures adequate air ow and guards against sooting. The appliance oor must
be raised using noncombustible materials.
This appliance is for installation only in a solid-fuel burning masonry or UL 127 factory-built appliance or in a listed
ventless rebox enclosure. It has been design certi ed for these installations. Exception: DO NOT install this
appliance in a factory-built appliance that includes instructions stating it has not been tested or should not be used
with unvented gas logs.
This appliance is only for use with the type of gas indicated on the rating plate. This appliance is not convertible for
use with other gases.
A appliance screen must be in place when the appliance is operating and, unless other provisions for combustion air
are provided, the screen shall have an opening for introduction of combustion air.
State or local codes may only allow operation of this appliance in a vented con guration. Check your state or local