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Site Selection and Preparation
furniture and high trafc.
For ease of electrical hook 2.
up you may wish to locate
the replace near an existing
outlet (refer to NOTE 1).
Store the replace in a safe 3.
dry and dust free location.
NOTE: The dimensions of
the replace are 31 ½ inches
Fireplace Installation
(800 mm) wide x 22 ⅜ inches
(568 mm) high x 9 ⅛ inches
(232 mm) deep. The replace
does not require any additional
CAUTION: Clearance for
air circulation beneath the
replace insert is provided by
two (2) rubber feet.
Do not install the replace
insert directly on carpet or
similar surfaces which may
restrict air circulation.
CAUTION: If installing the
replace in a carpeted area, place
a one-piece, solid, at surface
under the replace insert. Ensure
that both of the insert’s feet rest
securely on this surface.
Mantel Installation
Install the replace assembly
into the mantel (refer to mantel
assembly instructions).
IMPORTANT: If not using
a Dimplex mantel, the replace
must be installed in an enclosure
with the following minimum
internal/opening dimensions
(Figure 1).
New Wall Construction
Select a suitable location that 1.
Figure 1
22 ¾”
(578 mm)
31 ¾”
(807 mm)
9 ½”
(241 mm)