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Light Bulb Replacement
Allow at least ve (5) minutes for
light bulbs to cool before touching
bulbs to avoid accidental burning
of skin.
Light bulbs need to be replaced
when you notice a dark section
of the ame or when the clarity
and detail of the log ember bed
exterior disappears. There are
three (3) bulbs under the log set,
which generate the ames and
embers, and two (2) bulbs above
the log that illuminate the log
Lower Light Bulb Requirements
Quantity of three (3) clear
chandelier or candelabra bulbs
with an E-12 (small) socket base,
60 Watt rating. Example: GE
60BC or Philips 60 CTC.
Do not exceed 60 Watts per
Helpful Hints: It is a good idea to
replace all light bulbs at one time
if they are close to the end of their
rated life. Group replacement will
reduce the number of times you
need to open the unit to replace
light bulbs. Care must be taken
when removing the log set as the
log set contains LED’s and wires.
Figure 8
Upper Bulbs
Log Set
Wire Harness
To access the lower light bulb
Remove front glass assembly.1.
Pull the front edge of the 2.
plastic ember bed or plastic
grate up and forward until the
rear tab releases from the
ledge located at the bottom of
the Partially Reective Glass
(Figure 10).
IMPORTANT: Only handle the
log set by the ember bed.
NOTE: Log set ts tightly
into rebox, some force may be
necessary to remove.
Set log set in front of 3.
Disconnect the log set LED 4.
wire harness from unit.
Gently pull the icker rod to 5.
the right as far as possible