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W415-0809 / A / 05.10.10
If the appliance is equipped with decorative glass doors, they must be fully opened when operating this gas log
5.1.1 Locate the pilot burner at the rear of the log set on the right
5.1.2 Turn the gas control knob to the pilot setting
(on the left side of the appliance closest to the
5.1.3 With the control knob depressed, push the
piezo igniter continuously until the pilot lights.
Hold the control knob in for 1 minute and re-
lease. If the pilot goes out, repeat steps 2 and
5.1.4 Once the pilot stays burning, make certain that
the on / off switch is in the off position. Turn
the control knob counter-clockwise to the on
5.1.5 Turn the on / off switch to the on position to ignite the
burner. This appliance must be isolated from the gas supply
piping system by closing the individual manual shut off valve
during any pressure testing of the gas supply piping system at test pressure equal to or less than ½ psi
(3.5 kPa).
If appliance shuts off, do not relight until you provide fresh air. If appliance keeps shutting off, have it serviced.
Keep burner and control compartment clean.
When lit for the rst time, the appliance will emit a slight odour for a few hours. This is a normal temporary con-
dition caused by the curing of the logs and the “burn-off” of internal paints and lubricants used in the manufac-
turing process and will not occur again. Open a window to ventilate the room during this burn off period.
5.2.1 Remove any items necessary for easy access to the ODS (for example: logs, screens, etc.).
5.2.2 Follow appropriate lighting instructions found previously. Instead of pushing and releasing the piezo
button, light a match and hold the ame to the end of the pilot and ignite the pilot.
5.2.3 After control knob has been released and pilot stays lit, reinstall any items that were removed for pilot
5.2.4 Call a quali ed service technician for repair or replacement of the piezo ignitor.
After extended periods of non-operation such as following a vacation or a warm weather season, the appliance
may emit a slight odour for a few hours. This is caused by dust particles burning off. In both cases, open a
window to suf ciently ventilate the room.
Purge the gas line with the glass door open. Assure that a continuous gas ow is at the burner before closing
the door.