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Step 3a:
Attach the Grill Leg Assembly (Part B) to the bottom of the Lid & Fire Box (Part A) assembly
Step 4:
Put the Flame Tamer, Cooking Grate and Drip Tray on the grill.
4. Assembly Instructions
Remove all the contents from packaging, and make sure all parts are
present before attempting to assemble! Part numbers reference the table on page 4.
Step 1:
White Adhesive washer M6 (Part H) over
the two bolt holes on the front corners of
the grill leg assembly (Part B).
Next, attach black washer M6 (Part F) on the
bolt posts on the rear corners of the grill leg
assembly (Part B).
Step 2:
Remove cooking grate and flame tamer
Part F
Part H
Step 3b:
Place Black Washers M6 (Part F) over two bolt
posts at back and tighten two nut M56 (Part G)
on the posts.
3c: Place Black Washers M6 (Part F)
over screw M6 x 12 (Part E) and tighten
into holes at front.